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New to Reformer Pilates? Our class covers the basics, from springs to anatomy. Learn Pilates principles, nail classic exercises, and focus on alignment, breath, posture, and form.


For everybody

Pilates isn't just strength and stability. Our class brings warmth and flexibility using the reformer. Perfect for enhancing your other activities like running, cycling, weights, and ball sports.



We heard you! This is the full-body workout you requested, with extra emphasis on sculpting buns, toning tums, and strengthening thighs. Heavy weights target outer muscles, while lighter weights engage inner muscles.



True to its name, this class ignites your core and core temperature! With jump-boards, body strength, and moves, you'll plank, twist, pike, and push-up for a sizzling, toning workout.



Pilates can be tough, and our Yellow Spring class is no exception. Engage your core, deep glutes, and balancing muscles as you hold, pulse, and breathe. Not suitable for beginners.

Mum's & Bub's

Teenagers only

Get back into movement and exercise in a relaxed setting, with a focus on reconnecting with and strengthening your body.

Bring your baby along and enjoy moving together. Your little one can join you on the reformer, hang out in
their stroller, or settle on their mat*.

We'll be concentrating on areas like the pelvic floor, deep abdominal activation and enhancing overall strength!

*Please note that babies should be between 6 weeks and 12 months and not yet crawling.

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